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Children and Nature
Suggested Readings

Reading for Children Ages 3-8

Baker, Keith, Who Is The Beast? Ages 3-7

Baylor, Byrd, The Other Way to Listen, Ages 4-8

Baylor, Byrd, Your Own Best Secret Place, Ages 4-8Children

Berger, Barbara, Grandfather Twilight, Ages 3-6

Berger, Barbara Helen, Gwinna, Ages 4-8

Brown, Margaret Wise, Illustrated by Susan Jeffers, Baby Animals Ages 3-6

Bunting, Eve, Someday A Tree, Ages 4-8

Cannon, Janell, Stellaluna, Ages 4-8

Cannon, Janell, Verdi, Ages 4-8

Carle, Eric, Draw Me A Star Ages 3-8

Carle, Eric, The Very Busy Spider, Ages 4-8

Carle, Eric, The Very Quiet Cricket, Ages 4-8

Carlstrom, Nancy White, Northern Lullaby, Ages 3-8

Carlstrom, Nancy White, Wild, Wild Sunflower Child Anna, Ages 4-6

Cherry, Lynne, The Great Kapok Tree, Ages 4-8

Coats, Laura Jane, The Oak Tree, Ages 4-6

Cooney, Barbara, Miss Rumphius, Ages 4-6

Curtis, Chara M., All I See Is Part Of Me, Ages 3 up

Daly, Niki, The Boy on the Beach, Ages 3 -6

Dragonwagon, Crescent, Half a Moon and One Whole Star, Ages 3-6

Ehlert, Lois, Growing Vegetable Soup, Ages 3-6

Ehlert, Lois, Planting a Rainbow, Ages 4-8

Ehlert, Lois, Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, Ages 4-8

Frasier, Debra, On the Day You Were Born, Ages 3 up

Grimes, Nikki, From a Child's Heart: Poems, Ages 3-6

Highwater, Jamke, Moonsong Lullaby, Ages 3-6

Howe, James, I Wish I Were A Butterfly, Ages 4-8

Joose, Barbara M., Mama, Do You Love Me? Ages 3-6

Keats, Ezra Jack, The Snowy Day, Ages 4-6

Lesser, Carolyn, Dig Hole Soft Mole, Ages 4-8

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Hiawatha's Childhood, Ages 3-8

MacLachlan, Patricia, All The Places To Love, Ages 3-6

Martin Jr., Bill and John Archambault, Listen to the Rain, Ages 4-8

Marzollo, Jean, Sun Song, Ages 4-8

Mazer, Anne, The Salamander Room, Ages 4-8

Pirotta, Savior, Turtle Bay, Ages 4-8

Potter, Beatrix, The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Ages 3-7

Stolz, Mary, Storm in the Night, Ages 3-6

Suess, Dr., The Lorax, Ages 6-8

Tresselt, Alvin, The Gift Of The Tree, Ages 3-6

Thornhill, Jan, Wild In The City, Ages 5 up

Van Allsburg, Chris, Just a Dream, Ages 5-8

Winters, Kay, Wolf Watch Ages, 4-8

Yoshima, Taro, Seashore Story, Ages 3-6

Yolen, Jane, Ring of Earth, Ages 4-8

Yolen, Jane, Welcome To The Greenhouse, Ages 4-8

Yolen, Jane, Welcome to the Sea of Sand, Ages 4-8

Yolen, Jane, Welcome to the Ice House, Ages 4-8

Yoshima, Taro, Seashore Story, Ages 3-6

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